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Look here for more information on Trailside's Project Host partnership and ways to get involved for our Third Saturday Event July 16th! For an example: on this team, we will be needing people who are willing to go out into the community to continue fostering existing relationships with those in need, and building new ones, to let them know that TSC and Project Host are here to help. We had 120 meals given in April of 2022 and 182 in May for example between low/fixed income housing, neighborhoods, and the homeless. We currently have 80 meals pledged to places in need in the upstate every month, with more coming.

What to Expect

For this serve team, feel free to arrive no later than 10:00am to Trailside Church. If you would like to participate in fellowship and breakfast, please still arrive at 09:00am. Please make sure to review the itinerary and serve team descriptions below.

For Project Host’s serve team, we will need volunteers to pick up the bagged lunches (and hot food if available), organize and count how many meals we have per box, ensure each bag has a flyer, and set them aside for distribution. We also have need of volunteers who are willing to go out into the community to give them to those in need, including pre-determined drop off points and making new contacts. We are still in the building stage of this outreach ministry but have already seen a dramatic increase in the number of families impacted. Ultimately, the more we reach, the more good we can do. Project Host has assured us that we will have the meals if we have the people.

Tentative Itinerary
  1. 1000 – Volunteers in this area can opt to arrive at this time. Meals arrive at TSC. Heat up prepared meals to be served at TSC proper in the kitchen. Organize bagged meals to be delivered to dedicated locations. Begin setting up sanctuary, prep kitchen, setup tables in the lobby and back. Setting up homeless bags, ensure showers are clean etc. for those who come.
  2. 1100 – Lunch service and showers open at TSC proper.
  3. 1130 – Meals delivered to Harmony Ridge, Excalibur, etc.
  4. 1200 – Remaining bagged lunches taken out into the community for outreach.
  5. 1300 – Lunch service and showers close at TSC. Tear-down.
  • Pick-Up, Organizing, and Prep
    • As this ministry grows and we have more people at TSC proper to receive a hot meal, we will need people willing to help prepare the sanctuary to receive guests by setting up the tables, serving, and meal set-up.
    • We need people willing to go to Project Host’s location off Academy St. downtown and bring the meals back to TSC that morning.
    • People willing to pass out hospitality bags to those in need.
    • People willing to manage shower and refreshment times for those in need.
    • More to come.
  • Outreach
    • The biggest need here is to find people willing to get out into the community, hand out meals, and be willing to make contacts with people in the Northern Greenville area.
    • We currently give meals to:
      • Harmony Ridge Apartments – 50 meals (Dedicated Serve Team monthly is full.)
      • Excalibur Youth Services – 30 Meals (Dedicated Serve Team monthly is full.)
      • United Housing Connection, TR – In Contact
      • More to Come…

Want to find out more about Project Host? Check out their website here.

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3rd Saturday - Project Host
Come join us for our monthly service day! This event is meant to build community and serve our city by providing meals to those in need, and we can't wait for you to join us! Make sure you hit the green "accept" button below beside the 3rd Saturday Event box! We will be taking a box of meals out per small team and going into the community to deliver them to areas in need, and to spead awareness of TSC's and Project Host's presence by hanging up fliers at strategic locations at bus stops, etc. Please remember this is a larger vision, and we are still in the beginning stages of development and implementation; we need help building awareness and getting out into the community more than anything! Thank you for your willingness to help!

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