Host Team


Host Team

The Host Team is our most expansive volunteer team at Trailside Church, comprising our greeters, ushers, security team, and more. See below for the Host Team standards, as well as contact information for the Host Team Leads and more.

Please note, these are current as of 03/18/2022, but more in depth standards and new team divisions are coming per Pastor Sean and the Eldership of the Church; please look forward to it!

Host Team Member Standards

Host Team Mission: To “set the temperature” by creating a space of invitation, warmth and openness for guests to feel comfortable as they enter our space and a time of worship.

  1. Check in & grab a volunteer tag when you arrive for Serve Team Huddle so that we know you are here & ready to serve!
    When people begin to arrive, be on the lookout for new people and individuals standing alone.
  2. Greet each person appropriately: When you approach an FTG, shake their hand and make eye contact when introducing yourself! When meeting children, high-fives are appropriate, and hugs are acceptable when greeting a good friend or family member.
  3. Posture yourself so that your body language is approachable and welcoming! Your priority is to make guests feel comfortable – stay focused on making them feel at home, whether it is their first time or they have been attending for a while.
    Refrain from using your phone unless it is absolutely necessary – using your phone can signal to a guest that you are disinterested in the conversation & can make them feel unwelcome.
  4. Refrain from smoking or vaping while serving – we want everyone to feel as welcome as possible as they enter our space, & these activities are not conducive to creating that atmosphere.


  • Front Door Greeters
  • Welcome Team
  • Lobby Greeters
  • Outdoor Lead
Front Door Greeters

Location: Station yourself outside in front of one of the doors – make sure there is one greeter per door.

Purpose: To greet guests and open the door for them to make them feel welcomed into our space.


  • Smile & welcome each guest with a warm, verbal greeting: some examples are “Good morning!” “Welcome to Trailside!” and “We’re so glad you are here this morning!”
  • Control the climate of the lobby as best you can by only opening the door as guests arrive – otherwise, keep the door closed when possible.
  • Please stay after service for a few minutes to engage with our congregants and thank them for coming!
Welcome Team

Location: Station yourself out in front of the church, between the front doors and the parking lot.

Purpose: To cultivate a welcoming atmosphere that exists as soon as they arrive on our property.


  • Spread out! You are free to talk with other greeters, but remember that your primary role is to greet! That being said, avoid huddling up in groups or turning your back to the parking lot while serving on the Welcome Team – body language is everything!
  • Inclement weather: Grab umbrellas from the lobby to usher in people and keep them as dry as possible – do not hand them the umbrella, but instead walk with them until you are under sufficient cover.
    • NOTE: This is a great opportunity to engage with people as they enter our space, even if it is only for a minute or two!
  • Please stay after service for a few minutes to engage with our congregants and thank them for coming!
Lobby Greeters

Location: Station yourself somewhere in the lobby where you can be on the lookout for guests in need of being greeted.

Purpose: To engage with people as they enter and make them feel like part of our community, allowing space for them to connect with others before service begins.


  • Keep your eyes on the doors! Your role as a lobby greeter is to engage with people as they arrive, and especially those who are standing alone or seem to be uncomfortable or new to our church.
  • If you engage with someone who is new to Trailside, direct them to our Information Table!
  • Know where things are: if someone needs help finding something, walk them to where they want to go, rather than pointing
  • Please stay after service for a few minutes to engage with our congregants and thank them for coming!

Hospitality & Information Team

  • Information Team
  • Prayer Team
Information Team

Location: Station yourself at the Information Table in the lobby

Purpose: To invite people to get involved our community by welcoming them and giving out information about what our church is doing.


  • Before people begin to arrive: Be familiar with our calendar, Trailside app, and the different elements on the Information Table
    • If you have any questions, come find Pastor Sean, Pastor Marcus, or an Elder and they will be happy to answer any questions you might have!
  • As people arrive: 
    • Always be on the lookout for people new to Trailside!
    • Once you have appropriately greeted a guest, let them know that you are available to answer any questions they have.
    • Avoid leaving the table while you are serving: We want to make sure we engage with every FTG as they come into the church! If you need to leave your post for any reason, please make sure another greeter remains at the table while you are gone to greet guests that might arrive while you are gone
    • Encourage guests to download our Trailside App & follow us on social media
    • IMPORTANT: If a guest asks you a question that you do not have the answer for, that is totally okay! It is better to provide the guest with accurate information or connect them with someone who knows how to answer their questions than to potentially give false information. It is also acceptable to take down their information, write a note about their needs, and later give that information to a staff member who can connect with them during the week.
  • Your main role is to provide information & resources about Trailside Church, as well as help identify the appropriate next steps for each guest
    • No matter what our relationship with God is, we all have a next step – for some, that is deciding to come back next week, and for others that could be baptism or serving with our church. Our role as the Information Team is to act as a guide during each guest interaction, leading them in identifying their next steps. Some common next steps are:
      • Giving for the first time or committing to give regularly.
      • Serving on Sunday mornings or at an outreach event.
      • Attending Growth Track 1.0 or 2.0.
      • Joining a community group.
  • Please stay after service for a few minutes to engage with our congregants so that they have an opportunity to get more information about Trailside and receive a First Time Guests bag!
Prayer Team

Team Leads: Pastor Marcus Jones

Location: In the Sanctuary during the response moment in the service, after service in the lobby at the Info Table

Purpose: To engage with our church family through prayer as a response during a Sunday morning service

Instructions: Please arrive at 09:30am in order to take part in the serve team huddle. Be prepared to pray over members of the congregation as needed, and to accept any prayer requests they may have after service. Bring these prayer requests to the prayer team group meeting.


  • Parking Attendants
Parking Attendants

Location: Parking Lot

Purpose: To create a community atmosphere through assisting guests with parking, as well as greeting through positive body language.


  • Wear a parking vest/serve team member tag.
  • Be aware of guests who require handicap parking, have children, etc. so that you can best meet the needs of each car.
  • Direct cars to open areas of the lot or a specific spot if necessary.
  • Be sure to greet guests with a warm, verbal greeting as you see them.
    • Here are some examples: “Good morning!” “Welcome to Trailside!” and “We are so glad you are here with us this morning!”
  • Posture yourself so that your body language is approachable and welcoming – people entering our parking lot should feel welcomed as soon as they arrive onto our property!
  • Your priority is to make guests feel comfortable – stay focused on making them feel at home, whether it is their first time or they have been attending for a while.
  • Continue serving until traffic in the parking lot clears.


  • Greeting Ushers
Greeting Ushers

Location: Station yourself at the front doors of the Sanctuary

Purpose: To welcome each person as they enter the Sanctuary, and assist them in finding seating.


  • Posture yourself so that your body language is approachable and welcoming, and position your body to face the lobby, while angling your body towards the Santuary to welcome each guest into our worship space.
  • Be sure to welcome guests with a warm, verbal greeting, such as: “Good morning!” “Welcome to Trailside!” and “Come on in and find a seat, service is starting soon!”
  • Your priority is to make all guests feel comfortable – stay focused on making them feel at home and welcomed in our worship space.
  • Begin encouraging people to enter into the Sanctuary from the lobby once the 5-Minute countdown has begun at 10:25am.
  • Only leave your post when showing guests to their seats – walk them to their seats when possible, only resorting to pointing when service has already begun.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Maintain an awareness of open seats in the Sanctuary, so as to help those who arrive after service has started.
    • Familiarize yourself with the plan for adding additional seating and where extra chairs are stored.
  • You are to remain in your position until 10:40am, so that latecomers can be greeted & assisted as needed.
  • After Service:
    • Send off guests enthusiastically and thank them for coming!
    • If possible, please stay once the Sanctuary has cleared out to help reset chairs and pick up any trash – this requires a clear understanding of where things are and where they go in order to reset the Sanctuary.


  • Security Lead
  • In-Service Security
Security Lead

Team Lead: Joseph Fuller (Elder), Charles Davis


  • Before Service: Out in front of the church with outdoor greeters
  • During Service: Church lobby

Purpose: To ensure the safety of our church body during Sunday Morning services.


  • After you check in, be sure to grab a radio from the Volunteer Lounge and connect with your In-Service Security partner.
  • Be sure to welcome guests with a warm, verbal greeting, such as: “Good morning!” and “Welcome to Trailside!”
  • Before service:
    • Your role is to survey the parking lot as people arrive.
    • You are encouraged to greet people as they arrive, but be sure to stay vigilant.
    • Refrain from grouping up with other greeters, so as to stay focused on your role as Security Lead.
  • During service:
    • As service begins, move from the parking lot to the church lobby for security during worship.
    • You will stay in the lobby for the duration of the service – we will have the service live-streamed into the lobby, so you will be able to see the service while serving as Security Lead.
  • After service:
    • Send off guests enthusiastically and thank them for coming!
    • Once the congregation is dismissed and has mostly cleared out, you are free to turn in your radio to its charging station and head out.
  • Suspicious Activity Protocol:
    • As a person enters, greet them initially and ask questions to gauge the person’s general demeanor and intentions – act as a greeter first, and then adapt as needed.
    • If the something or someone raises any red flag behaviors, be sure to alert your In-Service Security counterpart by using your radio.
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