Welcome to TrailKids

TrailKids is our kids ministry, driven to give age-appropriate teaching filled with fun, songs, and so much more! All of our TrailKids Serve Teamers are background checked and well trained, so you can drop them off knowing that they are going to be safe and have a blast while you join us in the sanctuary.

If you are the parent of a child from birth until 5th grade, we would love for them to experience TrailKids!

If you are the parent of a newborn, we also have a Mother’s Room with a live feed so you don’t miss a thing.

We'll See You Sunday! PreRegister Your Families!

Welcome to TrailKids!
We are so excited that you will be joining us for church this morning! We have two services. For the 9:00 am service, TrailKids is open for birth through age 4(preschool). At the 10:45 am service, TrailKids is open for birth-5th grade.

We look forward to spending time with your children and sharing the love of Jesus with them.

Please read the instructions below:

1. Click the Preregistration Form button.
2. Please provide your (the registering parent's) information as well as information for each child!

It's that simple!

Parent Resources

Here are a few helpful resources for parents!

Best Devotional for Kids

Ways to Teach Your Kids to Memorize Bible Verses

Truth for Kids Online Devotional

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