Trailside Student Ministry


Student Ministry is Back at Trailside Church!

Led by Pastor Brennen Barber, Trailside Students meets from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM on Sundays and is meant for students from 6th grade to 12th grade.

At TSM. . .

Our goal for Student Ministry is to encourage our students to own their faith and walk with Jesus closer every day. Owning their faith means that they are encouraged to follow Jesus independently of anyone else. Students need to see others faith in action and seek discipleship while learning how to go make disciples as well. We cannot give salvation but we can teach students what salvation with a relationship with Christ for themselves looks like. Their problems will not be minimized simply because they may not be “adult” problems. We can all remember things from our younger years that may seem trivial now but they shaped who we would become so our student ministry focuses on how students can cope with their problems by leaning on Christ. We aim to make disciples that make disciples. ·

  • Meeting time is 4:30-6:00 p.m. Sunday evening to allow rest after church and then time for dinner and time with family after.·
  • We mix topical and exegetical teaching of scripture and then discuss how it is related to everyday life and to their lives as students.
  • Our meetings consist of hangout time when everyone first arrives, games, musical worship, scripture, lesson or small group gatherings, and end with a time of music and prayer.
  • All volunteers are there to create relationships with students that help the students know they are valued by our church.
  • All students are encouraged to volunteer on Sunday mornings as well as Sunday night gatherings and other churchwide events so that they know there is a place for them in the church even if they move on from Trailside to college or pursue a career.
TSM Meets the First 3 Sundays of the Month!

TSM Series: Giving Thanks

Our current series is about how different people from the Bible were in circumstances that were less than ideal and how they still gave God thanks for the good things He blessed them with in life. Scripture does not promise that life will always be easy but God does promise that He will provide for us the things that we need and for that, we Give Thanks.